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Rachel Roy's Lawsuit Against Jones Group Is Likely Going to Trial

Roy has won a preliminary injunction against the company that allegedly attempted to sell her eponymous brands and trademarks without her permission.

Things seem to be looking up for Rachel Roy. After filing a lawsuit against parent company The Jones Group in April for attempting to sell her brands and trademarks to Bluestar Alliance, the designer has won a preliminary injunction in the New York Supreme Court preventing that sale from taking place. So the lawsuit now has the potential to go to court, assuming it's not settled before then.

"I am pleased with today's ruling and that the Court has recognized my rights to creative control and approval over the designs and licenses for my brand," Roy said in a statement on Friday. 

Jones unceremoniously dropped production of Roy's collection in March, in preparation for its own to sale to Sycamore Partners. In addition to barring Jones from selling Roy's trademarks, the injunction prevents the company from blocking Roy from performing her duties as creative director of her brand. 

To win this injunction, Roy had to prove irreparable harm and likelihood of success — that is, her potential to actually win the trial.

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"When it comes to trademarks, when it comes to designs, it's very personal in nature, and I got that sense from reading Miss Roy's affidavit," says New York Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Oing in a court transcript. "This something that she created, it's her baby in that sense... Although this is all a business proposition, the bottom line is, it was borne out of her creativity, this trademark or these trademarks in these designs."

So round one goes to Roy. From here, Jones and Sycamore will respond to the complaint, and if the case is not settled or disposed through summary judgment — that is, without a full trial — then it will go to court. Will that happen? Unclear, but we'll be watching to see what happens next.