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Rihanna Cyber-Bullied a Fan for Paying Homage to Her Outfit

Looks like @badgalriri isn't above some old-fashioned high school bullying.

If there is one thing that Rihanna has made perfectly clear through her fashion choices over the years it's that, frankly, she doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks. 

From her barely-there crop tops on formal red carpets to her see-through couture gowns and nearly nude editorial shoots (that almost got her banned from Instagram), her looks are always intriguing, and in many cases, inspiring—at least for some. 

One of the pop star's teenage fans, 16-year-old Alexis Carter, decided to wear a RiRi-inspired batwing dress to her school prom, since it bore a resemblance to a couture Alexandre Vauthier jumpsuit that her idol wore back in 2010. As teens are wont to do, Carter's classmates immediately starting posting images of her dress online, starting a rapidly spreading meme with the hashtag #PromBat. 

This ended up getting back to Rihanna who, instead of praising or supporting her young fan for the confident tribute, responded with a sad, mean frowny face. :(

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Rihanna insists that she will forever stand by her "Navi" — the collective name for her loyal fan base around the globe — so we're pretty shocked that the singer would publicly tease this girl to her over 35 million Twitter followers not once, but twice. Riri posted a second photo of Carter's dress, this time juxtaposed with the the W-shaped Wu Tang Clan symbol. Rude. "She don't love her fans like she said she does," Carter told Fox News in Baltimore.

As someone who's been ripped apart in the media and all over the Internet for her hijinks and risqué ensembles in the past, we'd like to think that Rihanna would be more sympathetic to a young girl going through a similar struggle. Plus, it's clear that she's already getting hell from her classmates, and it's common knowledge that teens can be pretty cruel to each other. 

There's a saying that suggests that you should never meet your heroes , but in this day and age, maybe it should go, "never tweet your heros." Sheesh.