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Rihanna Pulls Off Green Lipstick Somehow

Well... she's never been shy about her love for greenery.

Rihanna's look Thursday night proved once and for all that this lady is capable of pulling off ANYTHING -- and I'm not just talking about going totally topless on a magazine cover, though that obviously took some crazy cojones.

For her appearance at the IHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles, the pop star took '90s, rave-inspired beauty to another level -- pairing Mel B.-in-"Spice World" micro-bun hair (or as MTVStyle put it, Jada Pinkett Smith in "The Matrix Reloaded") with emerald green lipstick. The only thing missing was a pacifier necklace and some glow sticks. 

Unsurprisingly, Rihanna's outfit was also a little bit out there: A totally sheer, black lace gown from the Givenchy Couture fall 2008 collection.

As someone who has tried -- and many would argue, failed -- to successfully wear green lipstick in public, I feel like I'm somewhat of an authority on the matter. And let me tell you: It's IMPOSSIBLE. Scratch that. Impossible for anyone other than Rihanna, apparently. I might actually prefer this lip shade to the bright blue she wore in September. Though you have to admit: Even her pearly whites are looking a little swampy around the edges.

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Guess it's like Kermit said... it's not easy being green.