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30 Standout Looks from SCAD's 2014 Student Fashion Show

From burned up fabrics to unisex sheer pants, get a sneak preview at the newest talent coming from the South.
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Stephen Burrows may have been the honoree at SCAD on Saturday night, but the graduating students were the true focus as they showed off their final collections for friends and family.

This year's student fashion show at Savannah College of Art and Design was shown for the first time at SCAD's Museum of Art. The facility, which opened in 2011, was the perfect backdrop for the students' hard work. 

Many of the pieces wouldn't have looked out of place on a runway at New York Fashion Week, or even internationally. Hannah Amundson's all-gold collection centered around words used to describe her generation and its social media obsession (Bonus points for the use of "vainglorious"); Amber Nifong burned out rayon to turn it into a couture fabric. Wesley Berryman's unisex line included a pair of pants which where sheer from the knee down and a pink coat I want to wear this fall.

We've got some of the standout looks in a gallery above; you can also watch the fashion show in full below:

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Disclosure: Fashionista was provided travel and accommodations in Savannah by SCAD; all photos above courtesy of SCAD.