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10 of the Worst Fast-Fashion Knockoffs From the Spring Runways

There's fashion inspired by the runways, and then there are the blatant knockoffs.

There's a fun game that people who pay attention to runway fashion like to play -- or, really, can't help playing -- every time they walk into a fast-fashion store, and that's the game of looking at a garment and figuring out what runway collection it was "inspired" by.

I write "inspired" in quotes because, as we've all too often seen, fast-fashion retailers sometimes go a step too far in adapting runway fashions for their stores, veering into straight-up knockoff territory. These knockoffs frequently hit stores as soon as -- if not before -- the original garments do, thanks to their hyper-efficient supply chains: It can take Zara, for example, as little as two weeks to transfer a design from concept phase to store shelf.

Above, we've rounded up some of the most egregious adaptations of spring 2014 runway looks already in fast-fashion stores.

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