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The Best Street Style We Saw in NYC This Week

In SoHo, anything goes...

As far as Manhattan 'hoods go, SoHo is one of the most eclectic. Centralized, convenient and often claustrophobic, it brings locals from all corners of the city as well as tourists (not just the fanny-pack wearing kind on Broadway) who represent their own hometown brand of chic. The result is an endlessly inspiring mix of styles found only in New York.  

And with the weather playing tricks on us this week (is that a sweat bead or a rain drop on your forehead?), New Yorkers styled themselves in relatively adaptable and casual looks. You could say some of it's #normcore, but we're pretty sure people just don't like the idea of sweating it out while teetering down cobblestone streets in stilettos during a thunderstorm.

From crisp, post-Memorial Day whites to fur bombers, check out 12 of our favorite looks in the slideshow above.

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Photos: Nina Frazier Hansen/Fashionista