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Soon You Can Own Your Very Own Creepy Terry Richardson Figurine

Wait, you didn't want one?

Have you ever looked at your desk or maybe a bookshelf and thought, "There's just something missing here," but couldn't figure out what?

We may not be interior designers, but we'll tell you what's the missing magic touch: It's a Terry Richardson figurine. And you can soon buy one through Richardson's website.

There are three designs to choose from: One of the photog doing his signature thumbs-up pose, and two featuring Richardson pantless with a camera covering his -- uhhh -- long lens, which you can pick in either blue plaid or red plaid (pictured, right).  Similar-looking versions of these were sold at Colette in 2011.

If you're looking for a more portable way to show the world that you're into questionably tasteful photographs taken on a white background, you can also buy a set of three pins or a varsity jacket sporting a sketch of Richardson's face.

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And for the real, true creepsters out there, there's the "Terr Bear" which I don't even feel comfortable describing, but here it goes in the name of journalism: It's a teddy bear with a photograph of Richardson's face in the place of an adorable snout. 

All the items are listed as "Coming soon..." without pricing. We've reached out to a rep for Richardson and will update if we hear back.