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Tim Gunn Has Some Harsh Words for Anna Wintour

"We’re arch enemies. We’re sparring partners. We’re constantly spitting venom at each other."

It sounds like Tim Gunn won't be having a Michelle Obama-esque lovefest with Anna Wintour anytime soon — or ever.

The "Project Runway" guru and "Under the Gunn" star is apparently still on Wintour's (and thus Vogue's) bad side following the not-exactly-flattering way he portrayed her in his 2010 book "Gunn's Golden Rules."

In it, he recounts seeing Wintour being carried down a flight of stairs by bodyguards after a fashion show because she didn't want to ride in the elevator with other people. Which...we're fairly certain is factual, as we've heard from other people that it happened.

Still, Gunn told Page Six at an event last week that after the book came out, “All hell broke loose…Her office was insisting I print a retraction.” He went so far as to get another witness, then-CFDA executive director Peter Arnold, to corroborate the story. “Also, I wasn’t maligning her character,” Gunn pointed out. “I was simply making a statement of facts."

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Gunn is, understandably, still a bit frightened of the editrix. “I don’t look her in the eyes, because I will be turned into stone," he said. 

In fact, he spoke freely about Wintour to not one, but at least two reporters: Gunn also told Hollywood Life, “We’re arch enemies. We’re sparring partners. We’re constantly spitting venom at each other,” adding, “I am a truth-teller and some other people don’t like to accept responsibility for their actions.”

While we doubt Wintour spends much of her time "spitting venom" at Tim Gunn, it will probably be a very long time before we see him on a Met Gala red carpet.