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Alyssa's Urban Cowboy Boots

I need another pair of black boots like I need a hole in my head, but these are just really, really good.

There are very few things that I love more than a good pair of black booties—something that would be evident just by taking a quick peek into my closet. I have moto boots (both short and tall), a prized pair of Chloé Suzanna booties that I splurged on last year and a variety of heeled versions that I can pass off as dressy. But despite being from the South, my collection is lacking a pair of cowboy boots. Chic shit-kickers, if you will.

This pair by Japanese brand Toga Pulla is ideal for a city slicker like me: The ankle-high style is suitable for all seasons, and now that it's finally warm, I can wear them with shorts or to offset a girly sundress. Plus, the silver hardware gives them an urban edge, while the stitching on the toe is a subtle nod to the wild, wild West. Fashion, y'all!

Toga Pulla buckle boots, $458, available at

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