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Fashion #Fitspo: Get a Full-Body Workout With a Single Move

It's like a 10-second boot camp.

Fitness is definitely having a moment in fashion. Since many of us here at Fashionista are also fitness buffs, this suits us just fine. Every Friday all summer long we'll be featuring different trainers who will  showcase their signature workout moves via GIF. Best of all, we're dressing them in some of our favorite activewear brands -- both well-known and up-and-coming -- to provide a double dose of inspiration. Welcome to Fashion #Fitspo

The studio: When it comes to workouts, moves that train multiple muscle groups at once are the most efficient and effective. With that in mind, I hit up newly-opened NYC boutique studio, Tone House, which specializes in explosive, athletic workouts. Tone House was founded by Alonzo Wilson, a Wilhelmina model (check out his mostly-shirtless portfolio here), former athlete and personal trainer. It's a highly supportive, team-oriented workout using lots of different toys, like giant bungee cords bolted to the wall, duffel bags filled with sand and weighted balls. It's also one of the hardest workouts I've ever done, hands down. 

The trainer/model: Elvira Yambot, the COO of Tone House, whipped herself into the shape you see here thanks to workouts three times a week at the studio. She frequently participates in the group classes, shouting encouragement at other students.  Her abs are surely an inspiration to all who encounter her. 

The move: Wilson, who designed this killer move, calls it the Plank Twisting Squat. Consider it a boot camp all in one move. You'll work your core, quads, hamstrings, and shoulders. If you do 2-3 sets of 10 reps, it's also a cardio workout, thanks to the explosive jumps. Step-by-step below: 

• Start in a plank position, do a push up,  and then rock away using your shoulders. 

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• As you rock back, push your hips to the left, come back to center, and then push your hips to the right. As you feel your core tightening, engage your obliques (the muscles on the sides of your abs). After each twist, always come back straight to a plank, keeping good spinal alignment. 

• Explode from the center plank into a front-facing regular squat. Again, be sure your spine is straight first. Never jump with your spine twisted!

• Finally, propel yourself into the air, landing back into the squat.

• Jump back into the plank to start over.

The clothes: Yambot is wearing Nike's Leg-a-See Print tights ($50) from the spring 2014 collection, and her own Nike bra printed with the Tone House logo. You can pick up a similar style here ($30).