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Tyler's Black Summer Heels

Comfortable? Check. Summer-appropriate? Check. Affordable? Ye-ah!
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I pretty much live in flats. They're comfortable and, let's face it, practical, especially when you're walking around everywhere. It's not that I don't like heels -- I do -- but I have yet to wear a pair to work and not had the day end in pain.

Still, the job I'm in more or less dictates that I should have at least some heels, and currently, the only black pair I own are suede pumps. Versatile, yes, but not quite right for the summer months.

So when I saw this pair on someone's Instagram, I had to know where they were from. I love the ankle strap and the stingray-esque embossed leather. And luckily, they're from Aldo, which means they're affordable!

Welchpool heels, $80, available at Aldo.

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