Tyler's Palm Beach Chic Shorts

Like your grandma's but COOLER.
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Like your grandma's but COOLER.
Aw yea. Ready to rock the retirement community.

Aw yea. Ready to rock the retirement community.

As the temperatures climb in New York, I've begun to realize just how few warm-weather appropriate things I own. I have exactly one pair of shorts: denim cutoffs I bought at the Gap approximately four years ago. 

While denim shorts definitely have a place in my wardrobe, they aren't appropriate for every occasion -- work, say, or a night out. Thus I've begin to seek out a pair in a summery print, and this number by Asos definitely fits the bill. I like that the shorts are a bit high-waisted and pleated, which makes them formal enough for the office when paired with a button-down shirt. With a black tank and heels, they're great for rooftop cocktails.

And with a plain white tee, they're ready for a visit to your grandma in Florida -- in the best way possible, of course. Shuffleboard, anyone?

Asos shorts in tropical print, $57.17, available at ASOS.

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