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You Can Go to Work With Wet Hair Thanks to This Easy Braided Updo

Your coworkers will think you're fancy, not lazy.

My hair has a mind of its own, especially when it's rainy, muggy or generally unpleasant outside. In said situations, it's a fruitless effort to blow dry or style my hair, because the second I step outside, it will inevitably frizz up and the curls around my hairline start to sprout. (Don't even get me started on what happens to my hair after I work out.)

Sometimes, this presents a real issue for me in a time crunch: If I have to wash my hair before work or an event, I rarely have an hour to dedicate to drying my hair—yes, it really takes an hour. But leaving the house with wet hair can come off as pretty lazy, so that really narrows my styling options. 

After browsing a few YouTube tutorials for quick and easy updos for wet hair, I came across this one. I'll admit, I needed to try it two or three times before I got it right (I am not the most dexterous person when it comes to styling my own hair), but I think I will be able to master it with a few more attempts. It took minimal skill—no fancy French braiding is required!—a couple of hair ties and a handful of Bobby pins.

I'd feel comfortable wearing my hair like this even on one of my more dressed-up days, and it can just be our secret that it's the result of serious laziness.

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