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Q: Can I Wear White Jeans If I Have Cellulite?

Yes! Though some styles are more cellulite-friendly than others.

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Q: Can I wear white jeans if I have cellulite? -- Claire, Charleston, South Carolina

A: White denim, once reserved for those not-too-hot days between late May and early September, has become a year-round staple. But for those with less-than-smooth butts and thighs -- myself included -- finding a flattering (i.e. not-too-revealing) pair can be a challenge.

As a general rule, you'll want to avoid any jeans that are especially stretchy -- and that includes all skinny jeans. Stretchy fabric, by nature, clings, and unless the fabric is very thick, it makes every contour visible.

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That doesn't mean you have to go totally baggy, though. There are plenty of slim-legged options that are fitted in the hips and less clingy -- and thus less revealing -- in the thighs. Look for styles that are labeled "slim leg" or "boyfriend." This cropped, distressed pair from Acne ($350) provides a slim line without the cling. Ditto this $170, non-distressed pair from Current/Elliot, which has a substantially looser fit. If you're looking for a longer leg, this $230 pair from MiH Jeans is a good option.

If you're willing to look outside the denim spectrum, you could seek out a pure cotton alternative, which I generally find more comfortable. Perhaps my favorite -- and certainly my most-worn -- purchase this spring is J.Crew's $90 "Campbell capri" in white, which provides good coverage on the legs (though less on the butt). They're also machine washable -- i.e., just as low maintenance as jeans. Or, if you're looking for something a little more on-trend, this $76 pair of culottes from Asos is worth exploring, so long as you don't mind pleats.

If you still find you need more coverage in the bum area -- or if you opt for the J.Crew capris -- I highly recommended buying a pair of these $38 Spanx "smoother" shorts. They're much less restrictive than most Spanx shorts (and thus very comfortable). Rather than pull everything in, they simply smooth things out.

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