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The Most Off-Theme Looks From the Met Gala Red Carpet

Charles who? Here are 18 stars who didn't get the memo.

There were a lot of highs and (possibly more) lows on Monday night's Met Gala red carpet. Many of the lows, it seems, resulted from guests' odd decision to apparently disregard the night's theme -- which, compared to years past, was pretty easy. Google Charles James, the subject of the Anna Wintour Costume Center's inaugural exhibit, and all you'll see is a series of beautiful, voluminous, embellished, glamorous floor-length gowns. We figured the red carpet might be a little bland, but we expected Oscars-level formality, at least.

Why, then, were there so many mini dresses, pants and crop tops on the red carpet last night? Really, why? Did they think white tie meant the same thing as cocktail? Did they think the strict dress code only applied to the men? Did they think they'd somehow stand out by being subversive? Were they mistakenly sent a leftover invitation to last year's punk-themed event?

Click through for the most blatant instances of stars ignoring the theme to detrimental results. Sometimes they even looked good -- just a tad inappropriate. Better luck next time, ladies.

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