Yelena Lyadova Gets Surreal in Cannes

Alert: Graphics have broken free from the Urban Outfitter’s t-shirt section.
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While large graphic tops are something generally reserved for more casual pieces and places, we were delighted to see Russian actress Yelena Lyadova turn the concept on its head for a more highfalutin occasion in Cannes on Friday. Seen here in Dior pre-fall 2014 at the photo call for "Leviathan," it makes for an eye-catching daytime look next to the water.

The graphic itself is serene and calming: A white lily floats in a cloudless blue sky and casts a shadow in the sand of a gray desert— a surrealist landscape reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s "Meditative Rose."

If you can forget the soothing Dali-esque graphic for a minute, the cut here is exquisite— sexy without being bodycon— from the converse neckline and cape, which add a touch of the unexpected, to the delicate straps and dramatic wide leg. Le clase.