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Yelena Lyadova Gets Surreal in Cannes

Alert: Graphics have broken free from the Urban Outfitter’s t-shirt section.

While large graphic tops are something generally reserved for more casual pieces and places, we were delighted to see Russian actress Yelena Lyadova turn the concept on its head for a more highfalutin occasion in Cannes on Friday. Seen here in Dior pre-fall 2014 at the photo call for "Leviathan," it makes for an eye-catching daytime look next to the water.

The graphic itself is serene and calming: A white lily floats in a cloudless blue sky and casts a shadow in the sand of a gray desert— a surrealist landscape reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s "Meditative Rose."

If you can forget the soothing Dali-esque graphic for a minute, the cut here is exquisite— sexy without being bodycon— from the converse neckline and cape, which add a touch of the unexpected, to the delicate straps and dramatic wide leg. Le clase.

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