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The PR Mastermind Behind Donna Karan Shares Her Top Career Tips

Hard work is for winners.

If you aren't familiar with Aliza Licht's work, acquaint yourself. Once better known to the world as DKNY PR Girl — a semi-anonymous, hilarious Twitter handle dedicated to the inner workings of the fashion biz — the Donna Karan SVP of Communications has used social media to become a veritable brand in her own name. 

She also happens to be one of the speakers at our upcoming "How to Make It in Fashion" conference, where she'll be dishing out her advice on how stand out in the industry — or, in the words of her upcoming book title, "Leave Your Mark."

Read on for a few of Licht's top tips, but trust us: There's a lot more where this came from. Get your tickets to our conference on June 27 today!

Put your head down and work

"There are so many distractions, whether it’s your office or social media or events you get invited to or people you want to meet. At the end of the day, the most successful people are the ones that really do the work.

"One of the things I know I did when I was working my way through the years is that I took the actual work very seriously, and I didn’t look beyond that. I wasn’t vying for anything. I wasn’t trying to be the person at every event. I really focused on that work. That leads to honing your skills and really setting you apart because of your expertise rather than being the person who knows everyone."

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Focus on your current job — not the one you want to have in three years.

"I personally have always been someone who has never had goals — I know that sounds crazy. I don’t believe in these 3-year, 5-year plans. I don’t. I think it’s great if you do, and if you work towards that. My goals have always been to do the best and be the best at what I’m doing right that second. I’ve always believed that if you do that, it will evolve to the next thing, whatever that is.

"Think about when you’re getting an apartment. Do I want to live here? You’re not committing your life to this apartment. Do you want to live here for the foreseeable future? When you don’t want to live there anymore, you can get a new apartment."

Milk that internship for all it's worth. And make sure people remember you.

"I think it’s important to really make sure that you're getting everything out of it that you can and that you’re also making an impression. Just because you have that line on your résumé doesn’t mean you’ve made an impression and doesn’t mean you’ll be recommended and remembered — because let’s be honest, there are a lot of interns.

"You’re probably in college, but you really have to act like a professional before you’re professional. That’s the time to start and pretending like that it's a real job, not just a summer gig. The ones who do take it so seriously — they’re the first person you think of [later on]."