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Whoa. Allison Williams Wore Something Somewhat Sexual

More of this, please, Ms. Williams!

We're usually a bit wary of Allison Williams's super-calculated (and not entirely by her) sartorial choices. They just feel so... inorganic or something. Like, if Whole Foods were a clothing store, it wouldn't stock any of Allison Williams's wardrobe. 

But THIS -- this, we love. 

For a Museum of the Moving Image event in New York Wednesday, the "Girls" actress wore this slinky, floor-length Dolce & Gabbana dress and looked pretty incredible. It may be verging a bit on bridal, but hey -- you can't blame a newly-engaged girl for having weddings on the brain. Plus, the expertly-fitted bustier keeps all that white lace from looking too virginal. 

In a word? S-E-X-Y. ...The demure, ladylike, perfectly-planned, Allison Williams version of sexy, that is. 

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