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A First Look at Altuzarra for Target, Condé Nast Heads Downtown, Rihanna Twerks For Joy

And Valentino's latest tech collab.

And so it begins: Condé Nast has reportedly begun its move from Times Square to Lower Manhattan, starting with 200 employees from the tech, archives and Condé Nast Entertainment teams. Of course, that's just 200 people out of 3,500-person company. {Capital New York}

Rihanna's hairstylist Instagrammed the singer twerking in celebration of her CFDA award, and here it is. You are so welcome. Also, can we just talk about how fantastic her dress looks in motion? {Instagram via The Cut}

Altuzarra for Target quietly made its first appearance at the CFDA Awards last night, in the form of a dress worn by Target's director of design partnerships, Noria Morales. At less than $90, it has to have been the least expensive gown at the entire event. You like? {Refinery29}

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