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Phew: Asos Is Back Up After Weekend Fire Incident

The site made a pretty quick turnaround, but — intrigue! — the police are investigating it as an act of arson.

While most e-commerce sites work around the clock, Asos was forced to take a day off this weekend after a fire broke out at its main distribution center in Barnsley, England on Friday night. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but the actual merchandise in the warehouse wasn't so lucky: According to a release from the retailer, about 20 percent of its stock was compromised by the fire and subsequent dousing from the sprinkler system.

Since Barnsley houses roughly 70 percent of Asos' total product, the company had to stop accepting new orders for most of the weekend. The company went into clean-up mode Saturday morning and was back up and running by 2 a.m. on Monday morning. Pretty impressive turnaround, if you ask us.

So how did the fire break out, exactly? Unclear, though Asos notes that the local South Yorkshire Police are treating the fire as an act of arson and have "commenced a criminal enquiry." Since it probably wasn't the work of a hardcore fan angered by the site's recent, crappy establishment of a shipping fee, we'll be tracking this investigation to see who would have tried to sabotage the fast fashion site.

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