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Beauty Hack: How to Modify Your Dairy Intake to Prevent Acne

Milk: It does a body good. But not your face.

Everyone loves a creative hack. In the beauty world, there are tons of time-saving, money-saving ways to re-purpose products, plus techniques you can try that don't require you to have the makeup brush prowess of Pat McGrath. For this weekly feature, we will pick the brains of beauty's best and brightest to try to make your life easier.

It's June and that only means one thing: It's Acne Awareness Month! It's my favorite time of the year, next to Stress Awareness Month (April, if you're wondering). Anyway, let's get serious. Acne sucks and if you have it, you're already well aware of it. 

I go through stages where I don't want to leave my house without layers of CC cream up to my eyeballs to hide those little buggers, so I'm constantly on the lookout for any tips or tricks for preventing breakouts. Imagine my excitement when the book 100 Acne Tips & Solutions: The Clear Clinic Guide to Perfect Skin by dermatologist and acne guru Dr. Eric Schweiger landed on my desk. 

I found one tip to be really interesting. Milk has been blamed as a cause of acne for a long time -- perhaps because of the cow's naturally-occurring hormones -- and there are even some studies to support the claim,  However, Dr. Schweiger pointed out another sneaky way that milk can potentially make you break out. Cows these days are also fed hormones, which then get passed into their milk, which then get steamed and  poured into your venti latte. Gross.

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Can't/don't want to give up dairy? Dr. Schweiger's advice is to choose organic milk whenever possible, because those cows generally aren't fed synthetic hormones, decreasing your risk of milk-related breakouts.

One question: Is Shake Shack organic?

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