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Blush is The Color of Resort

Forget blue; pastel pink is the warmest color.

Don't put away your pink coats just yet. If the resort 2015 collections are any indication, blush is going to be the color of the year. 

Several designers incorporated the pastel hue into a few looks, while certain ones like Rag & Bone (pictured at right), DKNY, Michael Kors and Giles crafted whole stories around the color. 

Why the prevalence of blush? It probably has something to do with the color's popularity last fall and winter. (Remember how you couldn't look at a street style roundup without seeing 10 women in rosy-hued outerwear?) 

We asked Bird owner (and buying wizard) Jen Mankins for her take on the pink revolution. "I think the pink outerwear trend from fall has continued to gain momentum," she explained via email. "That trend has carried over into the resort collections because it will feel bright and new in the winter when it will arrive in the stores, but also because it will be an easy color to transition into the following spring." Turns out life not only looks good through rose-colored glasses, but in rose-colored clothing, as well.

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The only problem with going pink is you run the risk of looking like Elle Woods on her first day at Harvard Law School. This can be avoided by choosing a more washed out version of the color and in terms of styling tips: Loose silhouettes, sporty accessories and bold contrast colors like black and yellow help to lessen the girly effect. Go ahead, think pink. And check out the below gallery for more inspiration.