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Brazilian Women's Hair Secrets, Terry Richardson Defends Himself, Kendall Jenner Rocks Extreme Thigh Slits

All the fashion news you missed this week. Plus: Asymmetrical man thongs!

Wow: Kendall Jenner wore a Fausto Puglisi dress with some, uh, brave thigh slits to the MuchMusic Video Awards this week. But seriously, we feel so uncomfy right now.

Double Wow: Elsewhere in decidedly scandalous dressing, we give you... the asymmetrical man thong. 

Hair Envy: Gisele easily has the best mane in the modeling business, and it's no surprise: Brazil is something of a haircare paradise. We investigated all the hair habits that keep Brazilian women looking their most gorgeous. 

Cold Feet: Apparently it took four days of photoshopping to get Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's wedding pic ready for Instagram because, as West claims, Annie Leibovitz backed out of shooting it the night before the ceremony. (Leibovitz later clarified that she had never finalized plans to play wedding photog.)

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Mer-man: Andrej Pejic has reportedly signed on to play one of Ariel's sisters in Sofia Coppola's upcoming live action adaptation of "The Little Mermaid." Ace casting choice, Coppola.

Snaps: You know what? Lindsay Lohan looked really, truly awesome this week in a little black Moschino dress. We're impressed. 

Playing Defense: In this week's New York magazine this week, Terry Richardson got the chance to defend himself against all the (many) sexual harassment/assault allegations that have been lodged against him. Are you convinced?

Throwback: Victoria Beckham posted an Instagram photo of the dress she wore on her first date with David Beckham... and it happens to be the same one she wore in one of the promo posters for "Spice World." 

Bigger and Better: H&M is promising a newly expanded and improved footwear line for this fall, probably because Zara is kicking its butt in that department.