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Burberry's Fall Ad Campaign Is Both Arty and Classic

Starring Miss Cara Delevingne, of course.

The ad campaign for Burberry's fall 2014 collection is here, and the images strike the perfect balance between focusing on tradition and embracing the collection's artsy vibe. Shot by Mario Testino, the ads star Malaika Firth and (shocker!) Cara Delevingne, who appear to be in motion, their trenches blowing open in the wind — perhaps a signal that the fashion house is also making steps forward, under Christopher Bailey's recent appointment as CEO.

Or maybe that's just over-analysis by an English major. Speaking of, the loose, hand-painted trenches and bags inspired by the "Bloomsbury artistic set" — a gang including Virginia Woolf and E.M. Forster — fully take the spotlight in one set of images (above). With a clean background and high-def Testino aesthetic, it's pretty clear what items they're trying to sell.

The same goes for these photos of the brand's classic khaki trenches. There's a nice parallel between the creative way Firth's scarf is tucked under her belt loop in both the left and the right images, as though to say, "This is Burberry; that is, too."

The only question we have: Should Burberry have played up the girls' makeup looks more? After buying back its licenses and adding beauty as a fifth product category, Burberry has embarked on a new push into the arena that will see a number of product launches late this summer — just after the ad campaigns hit magazines. Delevingne and Firth look gorgeous, obviously, but a slightly bigger focus on their makeup would have primed viewers for the big beauty drop nicely. 

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That said, Burberry says that Suki Waterhouse is also in the campaign, and those images haven't been released yet. So it's safe to assume that there's still more to come — along with a full-on beauty campaign.