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Chloë Sevigny Hated Modeling

Don't worry Chloë, Kate Moss makes us feel insecure, too.

"I'm Chloë Sevigny, and it has recently come to my attention that I hate modeling."

Okay so that's not really what Chloë Sevigny says in the above video, but I've seen too many of those "Chloe" parody videos. Here's how it really goes: The original It-girl of fashion gets into bed with buzzy model Lily McMenamy (who apparently interviews celebrities in bed for i-D) to chat about everything from her career to her boyfriend -- and as it turns out, even an It-girl gets insecure sometimes.

"I really don't like modeling," she tells a very giggly McMenamy. "The catwalk I especially don't like because I have scoliosis, I'm really crooked. Whenever I have to be filmed walking in a scene, I see my waist go [makes sound effects] eer-er-eer-er."

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She mentions a photo of herself next to Kate Moss as an example of just how uncomfortable she felt in those scenarios. "She's all like, super sexy holding a glass of champagne in underwear, really owning it, and I'm standing next to her like [scrunches up]." You can see that photo here.