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Dhani's Curl-Improving Conditioner

For those days when I decide to embrace my curls instead of murder them.

Like Alyssa, I pay people to put chemicals of questionable safety into my hair to make it straighter. However, my hair is apparently so stubborn that regardless of a product's alleged potency, there is usually some curl left, albeit a LOT less than there would be otherwise, and the frizz that normally plagues my mane is practically non-existent, at least for the first month or two.

While I used to continue to blow my hair out -- even with it chemically straightened (usually by some sort of Brazilian keratin deal) to get it really straight, I've recently started letting it dry naturally and embracing my toned-down curls. The lack of blow-drying shortens my morning routine significantly, but as anyone with kinky hair knows, curls do still require a little maintenance to keep them shiny and relatively bouncy. This conditioner helps a lot. It's sulfate-free (so my keratin remains intact), super hydrating, not too heavy and very cheap. Try it if you have curly hair and have become as lazy as I have about straightening it (or, ya know, actually like your curls). They also make a cleansing conditioner, which sounds intriguing.

Evercurl Hydracharge Conditioner, $6.99, available at Ulta

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