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Cynthia Rowley Gets Physical for Resort 2015

Hit the gym and then head out for drinks. We won't tell your trainer.

Cynthia Rowley has been incorporating a sense of adventure into her brand for a while now: she's been designing wetsuits for her own line as well as J.Crew for a few years, and with Resort 2015, she's adding actual activewear into the mix.

"When I first started designing wetsuits, I started thinking, 'Why are all wetsuits black and unflattering?' It was really overlooked," Rowley explains. "Real workout gear is mostly black and gray, and people don't really even see that it's something that could be more beautiful."

To that end, Rowley took the bonded leggings that have become a brand staple and streamlined them -- she removed the chunky zipper, added a small back pocket (for a device) and made sure the fabric was machine-washable and dryable. In addition to being functional, the legwear is still done in beautiful prints, custom made from a photo of the embellishment Rowley does so well; they're intended to take you from the gym to cocktails (though you may want to wash them in between -- just a suggestion).

Also new for resort: More wetsuits, a crop top that doubles as a bikini top and lightweight sneakers. "We made them into a mini collection of actual athletic wear, and then around it there are these special and embroidered pieces," she says. "To me, the interesting, cool thing is that you can mix that." 

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