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Dov Charney Got Naked In Front of His Employees, Kate Upton Gets Drunk, French Women Don't Take Fashion Advice

This is the definition of NSFW.

Not 24 hours after Dov Charney got canned from his position as CEO of American Apparel, a video of the ex-exec dancing around, ass-naked, in front of his employees, hit the Internet. Needless to say, you need to watch it (though it's deeply NSFW, kind of like Charney himself). American Apparel's stock shot up after news broke that Charney had been ousted, and a video like this is one succinct explanation of why that is. {Gawker}

Elsewhere in video news, Kate Upton stars in the music video for Lady Antebellum's song "Bartender," ripping shot after shot served to her by Tony Hale (yeees). You know, from "Arrested Development" and "Veep." It's all very confusing, not least of all because Kate Upton is somehow not curled up by a grimy bar toilet at the end of it. {Vevo}

If you're wondering why French women always look so chic, it's not because someone else told them how to dress. According to a survey of 1,003 women by the French Federation of Women's Ready-t0-Wear, 48 percent said they drew inspiration from everyday people, while only 16 percent said they were influenced by television and magazines. And so the Francophile fashion press churned on. {WWD}

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Kelly Osbourne went all out in the punk department on the red carpet on Thursday, sticking a Staples aisle worth of safety pins in her braided faux-hawk. {Huffington Post}

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