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Nordstrom and Erin Fetherston Team Up on Bridesmaid Dresses You'll Want to Re-Wear

Bridesmaids everywhere, rejoice!

We are in the midst of wedding season, and if you're anything like us, you've either attended, will be attending, or, if you're really lucky, will be participating in a nuptial celebration in the coming months. 

As we've discussed at length before, the latter can be quite the financial commitment, and if the bride chooses a less-than-stellar bridesmaid dress for the occasion, you're often stuck with a $200+ item that you'll never wear again. But, national retailer Nordstrom and New York-based designer Erin Fetherston have teamed up to create a solution to this common dilemma.

Due out in August, the Erin Fetherston x Nordstrom Weddings capsule collection will consist of 22 styles, in both new silhouettes and reissues of the designer's favorite pieces from her archives. The dresses will range in price from $225 to $695, but are meant to be classic items that can be worn again and again.

The line will be available in Nordstrom wedding suites nationwide as well as at, so if you have a bride-to-be in your life, maybe start dropping hints now.

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