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Lauren's Hot-Weather Alternative to the Tank Top

Everlane's sleeveless poplin shirt is all I want to wear this hot and humid summer.

With temps hitting the mid-80s in New York this week, I'm once again confronted with the problem of what to wear when it's so f'ing hot and humid I don't want to wear anything.

In southern California, where I grew up, dressing for hot weather is pretty easy -- silk camisoles and heather cotton tank tops work well in an environment that is both perpetually casual and humidity-free. But in New York, where summers are nearly as wet as they are hot, anything silk clings unpleasantly; and no matter how I style them, cotton tank tops just make me feel like a slob.

And so I was pleased to discover Everlane's line of sleeveless tops in white and navy poplin via Stephanie's recommendation. They have a roomy, A-line shape that promises not to cling to my midsection, and the stiffness of the fabric as well as the presence of a collar ensures they'll be formal enough for the office. (I'll probably wear them with a navy skirt or a pair of shorts with sandals.) And at $45, it's not a price I can complain about.

The Sleeveless, $45, available at Everlane.

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P.S. If you're shopping on Everlane I also highly recommend the label's $15 white V-neck tee, which is soft and not at all transparent, and its $55 box shirt, which is my favorite oxford ever. I promise Everlane is not paying us for this post.

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