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Fendi Collaborates With Beats by Dre, Miuccia Prada Thinks Women's and Men's Collections Should Be Shown Together

And Italy's new prime minister is hoping to find a solution for the country's troubled fashion system.

Fendi has teamed up with Beats by Dre for a range of suuuper luxe headphones that will be presented at the fashion house's Milan menswear show on Monday evening. The colorful leather is, according to the brand, hand-stitched by Fendi artisans, although only the wearer gets to know that fun tidbit. Everyone else can appreciate the quality of the headphones via those little Fendi Fs stamped on the side. {Fashionista Inbox}

Miuccia Prada may have strayed from the fashion playbook by mixing womenswear into her menswear collection at Milan Men's Fashion Week on Sunday, but she has some pretty sound reasoning for doing so. Prada says that to her, combining the two looks more realistic and modern: "Otherwise it looks like we are in classes, in the time of my grandfather, women divided from men." {Telegraph}

A number of fashion-tech startups (take ASAP54, for instance) have been pursuing visual recognition technology as a means of helping people buy products they see in real life. Now one such company, Slyce, has raised $12 million on top of the $15 million they had already raised from venture capitalists to build out its own technology that allows one to snap a photo of an item and instantly be directed to a retailer selling that item. {Fashinvest}

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