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'Game of Thrones' Fashion Recap: Battle Style

The Night Watch and the wildlings aren't really known for their style, but bear with us.


Sunday night's episode of "Game of Thrones," the second to last of the season, was a tough one for fashion commentary, but there were definitely some statements made. Also, I think it's the first episode this season that's actually made me cry. Forget "The Fault In Our Stars" -- the Jon Snow/Ygritte arc is a thousand times more poignant. Sigh. 

Read on for the highlights.

No one can wear a shapeless fur and look as sexy as Ygritte. RIP.

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 Are the shoulder pads on Jon Snow's coats getting bigger as his power within the Night Watch grows? Also, Sam Tarly has been dressing like a gigantic Chanel bag. More gigantic than this one even.

Gilly, when cleansed of her grime, has lovely skin. Who knew? 

Tormund Giantsbane has a pretty kick-ass hockey play-off beard. Beat that, Rangers and Kings.