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Learn Exactly How To Wear (and Blend) Clip-In Hair Extensions

...even if you have short hair.
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Last Labor Day, I bravely entered my hair salon, a photo of Karlie Kloss in hand. I loved my cute little Karlie kut-- but predictably, it was only about a month before I started regretting the chop. 

Prior to that fateful day in September, my hair was the longest it had ever been -- nearly reaching my elbows. I toyed with the idea of getting extensions, but it just seemed so frivolous... until yesterday, when I walked into a beauty store near my apartment. My intention was to pick up a belly button ring (the '90s are cool again, right??), but I ended up walking out with $100+ worth of clip-in hair extensions. SO SUE ME.

So far I've learned that putting in extensions for the first time (and actually making them appear believable) is harder than it looks. For example, the ones I bought are stick straight, but my OWN hair has a wave to it. That's not OK. I also just had no idea what I was doing. 

But thankfully, there are YouTube tutorials like this one, below, that show you exactly how to use and blend clip-ins -- especially if you have short-ish hair to begin with. The girl in the video, Megan, starts off with hair that's similar in length to mine, and she has some really helpful tips for disguising the awkwardly blunt ends. Watch and learn!

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