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Things We Love: H&M's Jeff Koons Balloon Dog Bag

Now you can rep your artistic side without looking like you buy all your accessories at the art museum gift shop! ...NOT that there's anything wrong with that.

As any pop culture fan, art history buff or middle school museum field trip attendee will tell you... Jeff Koons is kind of a big deal. I'm talking sold-a-12-foot-tall-rendering-of-a-balloon-dog-for-58.4 million-bucks big. 

Well thanks to H&M,  you can now own one of Koons's famous balloon dogs (albeit a much smaller, two-dimensional version), without shelling out tens of millions of dollars -- in the form of this excellent little leather handbag. The limited edition doggy bag (hehehe) will retail for a totally doable $49.95 when it lands in select H&M stores and online July 17.

Meaning you can let your artsy-fartsy flag fly without looking like you buy all your clothes at the art museum gift shop. Not that there's anything WRONG with that....

The bag is part of the Swedish fast-fashion brand's new partnership with Koons, which includes the sponsorship of the artist's upcoming retrospective at New York's Whitney Museum. H&M's six story, 57,000-square-foot flagship, on Fifth Avenue and 48th Street in Manhattan, will also be decked out in a Koons theme when it opens on July 17 as well.

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Here's really hoping that decor involves a replica of Koons's 1988 masterpiece "Michael Jackson and Bubbles."