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Why You Should Use Dry Shampoo When Your Hair's Not Greasy

One word: V O L U M E.

In honor of my building's hot water being turned off all week for some mysterious reason, this week's beauty tutorial is dedicated to my favorite (and currently most-used) beauty product: Dry shampoo. While its de-greasing magic is its primary draw, I am a big fan of using it as a styling tool — even on weeks when washing my hair doesn't mean risking hypothermia, which my super could probably do something about if he felt like it.

As a straight/fine-haired lady with a taste for bedhead, I've experimented a lot with salt sprays, braiding, blow drying, mousses and all manners of texturizing concoctions, but I've found that nothing gives naturally limp hair volume quite like a liberal spritz of dry shampoo. Sure, it's gunky and chalky, but that's the point: You can run your hand through your hair, maybe tease it a bit, and it stays

The process is pretty straightforward, but the above YouTube tutorial explains using dry shampoo as a volumizer better than I will on a Friday afternoon — and it has visuals. Happy spraying!

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