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Jeff Koons For H&M, John Galliano Talks His Comeback, Olivia Palermo's Epic Selling Power

And Jessica Chastain got a super sexy new haircut.

Influencer: Based on Google search data, it turns out Olivia Palermo has pretty unbelievable selling power — something the team at Westward Leaning hopes to capitalize on with their new collaboration with the socialite.

The Price of Beauty: Have you noticed how much you've been spending on your Venus razors? Here's your guide to making leg shaving a much more affordable (if not less annoying) habit. 

Comeback Kid: John Galliano says that he's on the road to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction — and promises that his best work is yet to come. 

Famous Footwear: Designer gowns have been a fixture of red carpet news for nearly two decades now. Now the shoes that celebs wear out are starting to get their own spotlight.

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Leading Lady: The first clip from the (made-for-TV) movie that marks Cara Delevingne's leading role debut has arrived, and we want to know what you think. Does the model-turned-thespian have the acting chops to hack it in Hollywood?

Artsy: H&M has collaborated with Jeff Koons on a leather handbag printed with the likeness of one of the artist's balloon dog sculptures. Since we probably can't afford one of the real things, this is a solid backup.

Pretty, Pretty Princess: Jennifer Morrison just won the best dressed competition for the entire week, with a glittery, blush pink dress that would make any grown woman swoon.

Hello, Sexy: Jessica Chastain has gone the way of 1960s megababes and gotten a truly fabulous new haircut. Brigitte Bardot would be proud, Jess.