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Get High-Volume Hair All Summer Long With John Frieda®

Presented by LUXURIOUS Volume

Getting a high-volume hairstyle in the summer months can be tricky. With the heavy humidity often muggy weather, you're probably more concerned with keeping your hair from looking too poofy. However, one of our favorite beauty trends from the spring 2014 runways was va va voom hair, from the bumped-up ponytails at Pamela Rolland to the voluminous, natural waves at Alexander Wang.

No matter how fine or resistant to heat styling your hair may be, this look is surprisingly easy to achieve—all it takes is the right product and a bit of extra getting ready time. As much as I loved the full, feminine looks I saw on the catwalks this season, I didn't think I'd be able to recreate them for myself. But thanks to John Frieda® and celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh, I was proved very wrong. 

When I first met Josh, I warned him that I have wilder, less manageable hair than most, but since he's the go-to guy for industry greats like Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bündchen, he assured me that he could handle it. He started by doing something that's totally outside of my normal routine: Applying John Frieda® Luxurious Volume Mousse all over my head, concentrating near the roots.

Instead of making your hair crunchy (like you might imagine if you're an '80s baby like me), the mousse serves as a perfect primer for a voluminous style, giving each strand more hold—and, believe it or not, it makes for seriously soft hair. Next, Josh taught me a hair drying trick that's a must for high-volume: Start by drying the hair upwards instead of down or back, the opposite way that you're used to. This gives long lasting volume at the root, which will help you achieve the dramatic look you're going for.

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After making sure that my roots were bone dry (this is a must!) Josh carefully dried the rest of my hair to make it smooth, and since we're going for a summer style, he decided an Old Hollywood-inspired ponytail would be the best way to achieve a look similar to what we saw on the runways for spring. 

After teasing a bit at the crown of your head—be sure to keep your teasing as close to the root as possible to ensure maximum volume—Josh created a smooth ponytail with a brush, keeping the look clean and chic. Despite it being summertime, this is not a look that in any way resembles something you'd see on "Jersey Shore."

To add a finishing touch, wrap a strand of hair around the small elastic that secures the ponytail, and you're all set. Although this style took about 15 minutes to complete, I walked around all day as if I'd been in hair and makeup for hours—I felt that glamorous. Plus, this 'do keeps your strands out of your face, which is ideal during the hottest months of the year. 

Summer beauty is all about ease, and truth be told, this style only takes just a bit more effort than a pretty side braid or a carefully pinned top knot. So, the next time you're heading out in the sweltering heat and are thinking about throwing your hair into a messy bun, we urge you to reconsider. Take a cue from the spring runways (and a little help from John Frieda®) and you can glam up your warm weather beauty look in no time.

Presented by LUXURIOUS Volume