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Julian Assange to Become a Runway Model

It's for Vivienne Westwood's son. Makes a lot more sense now, eh?

Julian Assange, definitely better known for founding Wikileaks and basically being a personified giant middle finger to the American government than for his fashion choices, will model in the upcoming London Fashion Week, according to the Daily Mail

This story makes a lot more sense when you learn that the whole thing is being cooked up by Vivienne Westwood's son Ben, who is using the fashion show as a stunt to "highlight Julian Assange’s plight." Dame Westwood, of course, has long been championing Assange's case, sporting an "I am Julian Assange" shirt on the runway and somewhat infamously being cut off while talking about him on the 2013 Met Gala red carpet.

Assange will be joined by six models in designs inspired by Clint Eastwood’s Western costumes. Westwood has allegedly even cooked up a "Julian Assange print," whatever that means. 

The show will reportedly take place at the Ecuadorean Embassy, because, well, Assange is kinda stuck there, as he's been seeking asylum with the Embassy since 2012. (Currently he's wanted for extradition to Sweden on sexual assault charges.)

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The show will take place during London Fashion Week in September, though it will be off the official show calendar.