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You Can Buy a $400 Replica of Kanye West's Mustard-Stained Polo

Pink ass polos and a f--king mustard stain.
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Prior to inventing leather jogging pants, Kanye West was all about bringing prepster fashion to the world of hip hop. His signature was the classic Ralph Lauren Polo shirt -- and according to Complex, West has name-dropped the brand no fewer than eight times in his music. That's dedication.

And now, it's easier than ever to replicate Mr. Kim Kardashian's personal style. A brand called Bandulu (which "takes quality, vintage clothing and rejuvenate[s] life into them through hand embellishments") created its own version of the pink Polo West wears in his 2004 video for "All Falls Down." You know: The one that gets bright yellow mustard squirted all over it while he's chasing down Stacey Dash in an airport. (Also, who the eff lets their kid play with a bottle of mustard... in public? I  just cannot even.) 

Each "All Falls Down" shirt features a splat that's hand-embroidered with cotton thread, meaning it's way more legit than just wearing an old shirt stained with actual French's. Though the latter might make for a better story.

What we really want to know is: Would you spend 400 bucks on this, just to be like, "You ain't up on this?" Because yeah... that's how much each of these bad boys costs.

(Hat tip: Four Pins)