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You Can Buy a $400 Replica of Kanye West's Mustard-Stained Polo

Pink ass polos and a f--king mustard stain.

Prior to inventing leather jogging pants, Kanye West was all about bringing prepster fashion to the world of hip hop. His signature was the classic Ralph Lauren Polo shirt -- and according to Complex, West has name-dropped the brand no fewer than eight times in his music. That's dedication.

And now, it's easier than ever to replicate Mr. Kim Kardashian's personal style. A brand called Bandulu (which "takes quality, vintage clothing and rejuvenate[s] life into them through hand embellishments") created its own version of the pink Polo West wears in his 2004 video for "All Falls Down." You know: The one that gets bright yellow mustard squirted all over it while he's chasing down Stacey Dash in an airport. (Also, who the eff lets their kid play with a bottle of mustard... in public? I  just cannot even.) 

Each "All Falls Down" shirt features a splat that's hand-embroidered with cotton thread, meaning it's way more legit than just wearing an old shirt stained with actual French's. Though the latter might make for a better story.

What we really want to know is: Would you spend 400 bucks on this, just to be like, "You ain't up on this?" Because yeah... that's how much each of these bad boys costs.

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(Hat tip: Four Pins)