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You Have to See What Kendall Jenner Wore Last Night


Cool story: I had a dream last night that I ran into the Kardashians on the street and offered to babysit North for Kim. She looked concerned and confused (and then said no. Yes, even in my dream). ...Nearly as concerned and confused as I was when I awoke this morning and saw what her li'l sis Kendall Jenner was wearing at Sunday night's MuchMusic Video Awards. Because, child... that ish was INSANE.

"Why do one slit when you can do TWO!?" Jenner asked her followers on an Instagram of herself in the decidedly immodest Fausto Puglisi dress she wore to the Toronto event. But like... do we really have to answer that? 

The white crepe, long-sleeved gown from the label's fall 2013 collection -- which was topped off with a bunch of military medal-looking embellishments and lined in purple -- had slits up-to-there... and then up a little further, and then a bit further than that, still. The probability that this thing was ghost-designed by Edward Scissorhands is high. 

If ever there were a dress that was actually intended to be worn over pants, this would be it. But, this being a half-Kardashian, there were no pants to be found. Or underpants, for that matter. We can only hope and pray that there was some sort of bodysuit-esque contraption sewn inside. 

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Or, at the very least, that it came with a matching vajazzle