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Kim Kardashian Made an App, Pantene Pulls A Dove, Comedy Show Pokes Fun at Terry Richardson

The character's name is "Jerry Donovan"...

This is probably the most important thing to happen today, so listen closely: Kim Kardashian has lent her voice and likeness to a mobile game called "Kim Kardashian Hollywood," and it's hitting the App Store NEXT WEEK. In this game, you pick out outfits for various events and level up by collecting dollar bills, Kim stars and blue lightning bolts — all while joining Mrs. Kanye West on a "celebrity adventure." (At least we think that's how it works? We're just going off this promo video.) {Instagram}

Spot on. The IFC network has cheekily turned the ongoing slimefest that is The Great Terry Richardson Sexual Assault Debate into a bit on this week's episode of "Comedy Bang! Bang!" with comedian Paul Scheer appearing as a skeevy fashion photographer named "Jerry Donovan." You'll have to watch the teaser for yourself, but needless to say, we'll be tuning in to watch the whole thing on Thursday. {IFC}

Like Dove before it, Pantene is incorporating feel-good female empowerment messaging into its new marketing campaigns. As a follow-up to its "Labels Against Women" video, Pantene has just released "Not Sorry," a video that plays on the very true point that women apologize too frequently in everyday life. What do you think? Does Pantene's message come from a genuine place, or is it just a marketing trick? And does it matter? {YouTube}

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