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Eliza's Simple Leather Card Holder

Because sometimes you want to go hands-free.

As a lady who basically carries her whole life in her bag — or at least as much as will get me to the office, to the gym and back home — I sometimes find myself fantasizing about what life would be like if I didn't tote around quite so many things all the time. Even on the days when I've pre-decided that I'm going to blow off the gym, I feel the compulsion to cram in that pack of gum or lipstick or small-size perfume, just in case. 

Not to gender stereotype, but most of my guy friends carry nothing on their person, ever. Okay so not literally nothing: Cards, keys, cell phone. The basics, all of which can fit in their pockets, leaving their hands free. 

I want to get in on this action. Fortunately, I almost always have pockets in my clothing (pants girl), meaning my one major obstacle is my oversized wallet, which is basically the size of a normal clutch. Hence, the need for a little leather card holder, like this one from APC. I'd be lying if I didn't see this as being most useful at a crowded bar on a Saturday night, when balancing a clutch, cell phone and a beer becomes some kind of circus-like balancing act. The cost of spilled drinks alone makes this a worthy investment.

APC Brown Leather Logo Card Holder, $77, available at Ssense.

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