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Loewe's Latest Ads Feature Steven Meisel Photos From 1997

Jonathan Anderson gets the ultimate fashion #TBT.

Loewe's fall campaign, its first under new Creative Director Jonathan Anderson, was unveiled Wednesday in the New York Times, on Anderson's Instagram account and on posters peppered throughout Paris. (Good timing, considering the brand's men's spring 2015 show is happening there tomorrow.)

In addition to showing off the iconic brand's fancy new logo (courtesy of M|M Paris) and flamenco bag (a suede tote with drawstring closure), the campaign features something never done before in an ad campaign: It features archival photos from a fashion editorial. We're calling it the ultimate fashion #TBT.

According to the Times, Anderson asked Steven Meisel to photograph Loewe's campaign, but in addition to taking new photos of the collection, Anderson also requested permission to re-print a 1997 Vogue Italia editorial starring Maggie Rizer and Kristen Owen as part of the ad. (You can see the full editorial here and here.)

It's a pretty bold move considering the clothing featured isn't by Loewe…and that the photos are over a decade old. Nevertheless, the images are pretty breathtaking, showcasing the models' natural beauty in a style inspired by Alex Katz's paintings.

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There's something decidedly relatable about this decision: It's Anderson mimicking the pattern of digital image appropriation and the reblogging fashion fans do every day on Tumblr and Instagram. Plus, certain items from the men's show will be available to purchase on Loewe's website and stores the day after the show, and a select group of retailers including Jeffery and Dover Street Market in New York will be getting even more merchandise mid-July. Add in the street posters, and it seems Loewe is going a pretty populist route for a luxury fashion brand. We couldn't be happier about it.