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Mansur Gavriel Is Now Selling Bags on Its Own Site

Run, do not walk, to your nearest computer.

We've made no secret about our love for Mansur Gavriel's sleek, well-priced -- and perennially sold out -- leather totes, bucket bags and backpacks. Alyssa owns one. Nina owns one. After sitting on a waiting list for four months, I'm finally getting my own bucket bag next month. In fact, while in the process of securing our own Mansur Gavriels, we put together a highly detailed guide on how to get your hands on one this spring.

For those of you who have also been angling to get your hands on one, good news: Mansur Gavriel just began selling its bags on its own website for the first time, and there are a wide range of forms, sizes and colors currently in stock.

Prices range from $425 for a small black tote to $675 for a large white tote. You can browse the full collection on

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