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Nora's Bardot-esque Bodysuit

I embrace my cliched 1960's fashion and beauty idol whole-heartedly.

My friends and colleagues often tease that as long as a product name features the word "Bardot," I'll buy it. The sad thing is... they're not too far off

Whatever. I embrace my cliched 1960s fashion and beauty idol whole-heartedly. She might be a bit of a kook now, but as far as retro style inspo goes, Brigitte Bardot is right up my alley -- and so are her once-signature fabulously figure-flattering necklines and nipped-in waists. 

Thus, I love this "Bardot" bodysuit, which I bought last week. It's in no way a statement piece, but I love how such a small change -- like increasing the width between spaghetti straps so that they sit on the outer bits of the shoulders just so -- can make such a stylistic difference. Also, with it being a bodysuit and all, there's no bunching under pants or a skirt. 

Maybe best of all? There are snaps at the crotch! So I can channel Mme Bardot -- and use le WC avec ease. 

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Bardot bodysuit, $30.49, available at Asos

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