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L8er, Dudes

It's been an awesome ride, Fashionistas. I'm really gonna miss you. Bible.

Hey guys, it's Nora. (Ya know, just in case the byline evaded you.) 

Welp, here goes: Today is my last day as an editor at Fashionista. Even typing those words feels so surreal! It's been almost three years since I started here as an intern, and was eventually hired on staff as an editorial assistant (a newly created position at the time -- we were a lot smaller then!), then assistant editor, and now, associate editor. 

Even after all this time, it's still insane to me that I even HAVE this job. When I first moved to New York in February 2011, I had nothing. OK... that's not ENTIRELY true. I had a ton of clothes (which my lovely roommate informed me were not "New York" clothes), some savings from my time working at a mall in suburban Massachusetts over the holidays, and a pet fish. 

But I had no experience in anything related to fashion. I just knew that I loved it. In high school, I'd devour Vogue and W and stay up crazy late watching this show on the Style Network (RIP) called "Fashion Trance," which was basically just fashion shows set to techno music. It was mesmerizing. Since I couldn't afford any of the brands I was so obsessed with, I got really into DIY -- fake Chanel belts, ballerina heels, and Lacoste tennis dresses (I literally sewed a fake, cut-out alligator onto a stripy dress a la Margot Tennenbaum and wore it around other humans). I was crazy cool. Prom invites like whoa.

To my friends, I was the "fashiony one," but in reality, I knew nada. So when I got to NYC, several years out of college -- and with nothing on my resume other than retail experience and a summer doing Census work (best job ever BTW) --  I had no idea where to start. I made a blog called "Bangers 'n' Fash" and got an internship at a trend forecasting site for the summer while I worked retail at Topshop. Just as that first (unpaid!) internship was winding down, I saw a call for interns on Fashionista, my newfound fav fashion site, and I FREAKED. Long-story-a-little-bit-shorter, I applied, interviewed with Dhani and Leah while wearing Jeffrey Campbell Litas -- SO FASHUN! -- and got the gig right as Hurricane Irene was setting in over Brooklyn. And the rest, as they say...

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A lot of my posts at Fashionista have been about the fashion industry's most ridiculous, hilarious stories -- and I wouldn't trade that for anything. Full disclosure, I spend a lot of my procrastination time scrolling through old articles and laughing at myself, probably to the annoyance of my co-editors (hi guys!!). Some that stick out include my "Teen Witch" style guide (excellent Photoshop work), this epic "anonymous" retail rant (confession-- that was me), an ode to Kate Upton's flawless bosom (which she retweeted OMFG), becoming fashion week street style bait, these pants with a penis pouch, this love letter to man buns, and that time I grabbed Ryan Lochte♥'s jacket and followed him around a party

But the posts that probably meant the most to me are the ones from the "Love, the L Train,  and What I Wore" series. They weren't the most fashiony items -- but I loved hearing from girls who'd experienced similar dating disasters and could relate. It's easy to forget sometimes how many people are reading your stuff when you're writing for a site as big as Fashionista -- but getting those kinds of responses really put things into perspective.

Which brings me, finally, to what I'm doing next. The scary answer? I kind of have no idea. While I'll always have a soft spot for fashion, my interests have evolved a lot over the past few years, and I'm dying to put out work that'll reflect that. Whether that means I'll be freelancing, writing a book, joining another website, starting my own website, or doing everything I can to rid the Atlantic Ocean of invasive lionfish, I'm really not sure. Right now, the world is my oyster: I've Draked before, and nothing's stopping me from doing it again. I mean, if Amanda Bynes did it... 

That said, I feel so, so lucky and grateful to have had the experiences I've had at Fashionista: From seeing the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show IRL TWICE, meeting Tom Brady (maybe more exciting to my brother than me), slumber partying with Tyra Banks, getting paid to Photoshop a mustache onto Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs hair onto Jared Leto, and name-dropping my heavenly gerbils at every possible opportunity. I want to thank everyone who's read (and hopefully enjoyed) my stories here, and to all my colleagues who've helped me along the way. I'm still planning on contributing to the site, so watch this space (and follow me on Twitter? Maybe I'll actually get the hang of it one of these days).

It's been an awesome ride, Fashionistas. I'm really gonna miss you. Bible.

[*Obligatory reference to Tyler's obsession with Harry Styles*]