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Why More Fashion Brands Should Start Collaborating with Olivia Palermo

This is one socialite with a lot of selling power.

It's pretty clear that Olivia Palermo's talent lies in wearing great clothes and wearing them well. So well, in fact, that a lot of people want to dress like her, meaning that by wearing something and being photographed in it, she can majorly influence sales for a brand — and for herself. Her blog,, runs primarily on revenue from affiliate links.

One of those brands is Westward Leaning, for whom she's been driving sales for years, only now she's getting paid for it. She's inked a deal to collaborate with the sunglasses company on a collection of eight styles to be sold exclusively on said blog for $210 per pair.

The reason why is pretty simple: Westward Leaning cofounder Robert Denning told WWD that searches related to Palermo drove more sunglass sales than searches tied to any other individual. Not even Jessica Alba or Justin Bieber has Palermo's selling power: "No other person makes it into the top echelon, [or] has the kind of conversion power that Olivia has," he said. "When Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up, he left wearing the pair of sunglasses we’d gifted Selena. I thought it would lead to a huge spike in sales, but didn’t move the dial at all.”

"Her stamp of approval on a variety of their sunglasses — from the Children of California pair she wore in Paris to the Color Revolutions she sported in New York — has been a guarantee of that pair’s success," reads a press release announcing the collab.

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Chances are that the Olivia Palermo-designed styles, which are all pretty chic and classic (and look great on Palermo, who models them), will benefit all involved. But this partnership also makes us wonder why we don't see Palermo collaborating with brands more often when there's such concrete evidence of her ability to drive sales. 

Perhaps it's enough for a label to have her simply wear its clothes without investing the resources needed for a whole new collection. Or maybe Palermo is being discerning about whom she chooses to partner with, which is probably pretty smart, especially if she wants to design her own line one day.

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