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One Direction, Victoria's Secret Win Big At the Fragrance Foundation Awards

It was a rare opportunity to see a concert hall full of respectable adult people cheer, without reservation, at the sound of One Direction's name.

Say what you will about One Direction's fan-baiting foray into fragrance, but the band's first scent is officially an award-winner. "Our Moment" was one of the perfumes that prevailed at the annual Fragrance Foundation Awards — known colloquially as the "Fifis" — which took place on Monday night at Lincoln Center in New York. 

Of course, One Direction's Elizabeth Arden-crafted scent did have the odds stacked in its favor, since it also won for the Consumer Choice Celebrity Fragrance of the Year thanks to the boys' absurdly large and loyal fan base. "When [the band] asked 31 million Facebook fans to contribute to the Consumer Choice Awards, we were, uh, hopeful," a member of the Elizabeth Arden team noted upon accepting the award. 

Victoria's Secret was also an unstoppable mass market train last night, winning the women's Consumer Choice award with Victoria by Victoria's Secret and sweeping the Popular Fragrance category in both women's and men's. Did you know they had a men's scent? Us either! It's called Very Sexy Platinum for Him.

On the more fashion-y side of the fragrance world, Honey by Marc Jacobs won for packaging, while Chanel N°5 tied with Jean Paul Gaultier Classique for Media Campaign of the Year (which was met with a deep "ooooooooohh" from the audience). In the luxury category, Tom Ford's Rive d'Ambre and Giorgio Armani's Rose d'Arabie took home the top prize for men's and women's respectively.

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