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Opening Ceremony's Paper Bag Clutch Is Rad But Eerily Familiar

The brand's resort presentation was a bit of a #ThrowbackThursday.

A little over a year ago, we couldn't help but notice that three brands — Céline, See by Chloé, Zara and Marie Turnor — had all converged on a similar design, a clutch constructed to look like a brown paper bag. Labels both high and low had mysteriously decided it was meant to be the bag shape of the season.

Well, you know what they say: What goes around comes back around. And come around that fancy lunch sack has -- this time in Opening Ceremony's resort 2015 collection. We might have to expand this particular game of "Would You Rather" into a round robin tournament, World Cup style. 

Throwback aside, the bags are pretty great — as is the print-heavy collection overall — and very on-point for a youthful brand like Opening Ceremony. As co-designer Humberto Leon explained at the presentation, they're made of unlined suede, making them quite literally crushable. And for those who like their bags hands-free, they come with an optional cross-body strap.

"In our mind, we were working with this idea of a soft bag, and it had a great little silhouette," Leon says. "It's not perfect-looking. It's kind of crinkled, and it's a really good size."

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Indeed. And they look pretty fresh with some pastel flatforms and nylon-fringed jeans, no? Check out the full collection below.