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Pharrell Makes a New Headwear Statement on 'Elle' UK Cover

Don't worry. He hasn't said so long to his Smokey the Bear hat for good.

If you thought Pharrell Williams's Vivienne Westwood mountie hat would be the only headline-making headgear he would wear this year, think again.

The singer and style influencer is the star of a limited-edition cover for the July issue of Elle UK, wearing a Native American feather headdress. While he did headline Coachella, we have learned again and again that this is a controversial (and not to mention racially insensitive) fashion choice. 

If you're not a fan of his new headwear, don't fret: His mountain hat makes an appearance in the spread, too. He explains the origin of his favorite accessory thusly: "I remembered (Malcolm McLaren's) Buffalo Gals video, where he wears the hat. I actually wore it five years before I was photographed in it, it's just that no-one was paying attention at the time." 

The issue hits newsstands on June 5, and you can see more from the story over at What are your thoughts on Pharrell's latest style statement?

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UPDATE: The masses were not pleased with Pharrell's cultural appropriation of a sacred Native American headdress on the July Elle UK cover. Fans took to Twitter and slammed the artist with comments using the hashtag #NotHappy, as well as voiced angry opinions on the Elle UK Facebook page. Because of this, Pharrell released an apology, saying in a statement, "I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture. I am genuinely sorry." 

One day the fashion community will learn that this needs to stop happening, right?